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EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Employee Information Employee Name Date Department Period of Review Reviewer Reviewers Title Performance Evaluation Excellent Good Fair Poor Comments Job Knowledge Productivity Work Quality Technical Skills Work Consistency Enthusiasm Cooperation Attitude Initiative Work Relations Creativity Punctuality Attendance Dependability Communication Skills Overall Rating Opportunities for Development Reviewers Comments By signing this form you confirm that you have...
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Comments and Help with printable employee evaluation form

Who needs an Employee performance review form?

This form is used by managers and team leaders (reviewers) to make an s?reduced review of a worker (quarterly or semi-annually). The employee review form is completed together with the employee.  

What is the purpose of the Employee performance review form?

The Employee performance review form is used for improving communication with the worker and solving all questions concerning the job duties and, of course, for reviewing his skills. The manager evaluates the worker’s productivity, work quality, technical skills, initiative, attendance, etc. using the 4-grade evaluation system (excellent, good, fair, poor).

What documents must accompany the Employee performance review form?

There is no need to attach other documents to this employee evaluation form. The filler may need additional sheets for comments, though.

When is the Employee performance review form due?

This report is completed when there is a need. Usually a review is conducted once every three to six months (according to the policy of the company).

What information should be provided in the Employee performance review form?

The manager is to provide the following information:

  • Employee’s name

  • Department

  • Name of the reviewer

  • Date of review

  • Period of review

  • Reviewers title

  • Type of skill

  • Performance evaluation (excellent, good, fair, poor)

  • Opportunities for development

  • Comments of the reviewers

The employee and the reviewer have to sign and date the form.

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The completed Employee performance review form is attached to the employee file for future reference. It’s kept by the HR department.

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Instructions and Help about employee evaluation forms printable
Performance appraisals are used to assess an employee's performance and provide a platform for feedback about past current and future performance expectations designing a great performance appraisal form is critical for an organization's performance management program this presentation will provide you with an overview of the essential elements of a typical appraisal form and give you some guidelines for developing a great performance management tool it's an organization's choice what to include in a performance appraisal form however there are some standard or typical appraisal elements that you should consider as you develop your organization's performance assessment tools first include demographic information this is information about the employee the job and the information pertaining to the appraisal and the appraisal period job-related information including the position description and specific essential functions of the job should be included in all performance management tools a standardized rating scale should be included to ensure that employees understand both how their performance is assessed and what their expectations are and how they're measuring up competency and role based assessment should always be included in an appraisal tool to make sure that you're not only appraising behavior but also role specific tasks and issues in that employees work self-evaluation allowing the employee to participate and provide their own thoughts in the process is critically important as well as goals providing the employee and managers the opportunity to talk about where we want to get go and how we're going to get there and finally an employee development plan career Learning and Development bathing that allows an employee to engage both in their past behavior in terms of their performance and what the future might hold for their career and their performance these standard elements will create a user-friendly and useful appraisal tool for your organization additional guidelines on the development of these can help guide the development of your performance appraisal form let's take a look so what makes an effective performance appraisal tool the answer depends entirely on your organization's needs however there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure your forms are user-friendly first find inspiration when developing a performance evaluation form do your homework find evaluation forms from similar organizations or organizations that share your philosophy of performance management review these forms for characteristics that fit your needs get inspired through what others are doing and consider how those tactics might be applied in your appraisal document make sure your form is simple to use your performance appraisal tool should be easy to understand and use provide clear instructions and examples so managers and employees know exactly what information is required in each area of your form make sure that your evaluation form...
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